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Baked Apricot Cheesecake 

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Game of Thrones Sigil Cupcakes

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Tasmanian Masked Owl Cake

Made for a collaborative art project called Losing Altitude, aimed at raising awareness for endangered birds. 

The Tasmanian masked owl is under threat, particularly due to a loss of habitat. Like many Australian species, it relies on tree hollows to den in and raise its offspring in. A tree hollow can take anywhere between 150-400 years to form, so preserving old growth forest is crucial.

The Abbott government is seeking to do exactly the reverse of that. The Prime Minister recently declared that he thought Australia had too many national parks and called loggers the ultimate conservationists. Yet for the many species that rely on tree hollows to survive, the loss of these homes that take centuries to replace will be devastating.

Hit up this link for more on this species, why it’s at risk and how you can help [including a master list of petitions]. It also includes a run down on how this cake was made. 

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2-minute Banana Ice Cream

Simply blend frozen bananas to get a smooth and creamy ice cream. Great for those without an ice cream maker, or anyone with dietary restrictions.

Christmas Macarons

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Emergency Cookies :: Batches of different cookie doughs you can store in the freezer and bake on a per-needs basis

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